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Asher Levine Studio is a New York-based studio that designs and fabricates for film & theatrical productions, fashion labels, and consumer brands. Our specialties range from fabricating costumes, props, and artistic molds to creative direction and product design.

ALS designs have been featured in CNN, MTV, The New York Observer, Interview, and Rolling Stone Magazine, amongst many others. With duplicate capabilities, quick turnaround times and competitive pricing, Asher Levine Studio is the go-to house for unique design and quality craftsmanship.

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Selected Works

CAT Product Campaign

Caterpillar footwear chose to view their boots through the AL lens, merging a new edge with their heritage brand. <ul> <...

Bringing’s out-of-this-world ideas to the screens, ALS creates custom pieces ranging from an NBA basketball jacket to ...

The Kraken Spiced Rum

Kraken Spiced Rum wanted a period Verne-esque diving suit, but in a lightweight material for product campaign and events, they tur...


Goldsmith, the premier designer and manufacturer of mannequins since 1927 who’s clients range from Dior to H&M, met with ALS...

Fable Streams: Fates

For the launch of the new Fable Stream video game, ALS brought the video game characters to life from garment to weapon. <ul&g...

Fever Dream

From Light Gauntlets to Bat Motorcycle Jackets, ALS helps translate Jim Steinman's legendary visions into wearable realities. ...

Where Imagination Meets Craftsmanship


    • Costume Design

    • TV, Film, Commercial
    • Theatrical Productions
    • Special Performances
    • Wearable Technologies

    • Brand Experience

    • Event Promotion Costumes
    • Trade Show Displays + Uniforms
    • Campaign Props
    • Product Launch Costumes

    • Creative Direction

    • Product Lookbook + Catalog
    • Augmented Reality Direction
    • Photography + Video Campaigns
    • Event Design

    • Fashion/Product Design

    • Collection Development + Design
    • Textile + Swatch Development
    • Sample Prototypes
    • Accessory Design

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